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09 Dec 2016

Halo 5.  There’s not much that needs to be said after that.  It will automatically get some awesome credit just for coming with the Halo title.  However, let’s not assume that this game is getting by only on its name alone.  The game is one of the best gameplay in the series, make no mistake about it.  The multiplayer is slick and fun and has something for everyone.  Are you a hardcore competitive player?  Play the arena multiplayer and any of its modes.  Do you just like to blow stuff up and play for fun?  How about the Warzone modes.

If that wasn’t enough for you this awesome game has been throwing out free updates ever since its launch.  The biggest problem with the game is probably that its size on the hard drive is nearing 100 GB.  That’s over double what it was when it first came out and all of that is in free updates.  The campaign might not be the best in the series, but it’s still pretty good by shooters standards.  I had an awesome time on the first playthrough on legendary with my friends.

All in all you are not going to find much better of a game to go play.  Its smooth slick and an amazing time.

ReDragonOFury: Not Great, But Still Halo

The graphics are amazing with really smooth gameplay. My favorite part about the Halo series has been the online multiplayer, especially slayer, and it's still pretty great in Halo 5. The campaign in Halo 5 isn't great, it's lost the magic of the previous titles as far as story and gameplay. Everything about Halo has been wonderfully mysterious in it's own way but Halo 5 just doesn't have that. If you're a fan of the Halo series this is one to buy, it's still Halo after all.

BrunoBytes: Great multiplayer, lacking story...

Multiplayer is fun if you can handle terrible teamates. Good maps and even better gun balence. Campaign is worst in Halo but still enjoyable! I just can't feel right giving a five star with microtransactions. However still slightly redeemed with tons of free dlc!


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